Private Modeling Lessons

Begins January 14, 2017 through February 18, 2017.

Every Saturday from 1pm-4pm

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One on One Modeling

Is this your first time modeling?

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“I really enjoy your posts. I see your passion and it makes me smile. Being in a business for yourself and doing something that feels nothing like work is the greatest thing. What’s sad is most women will never experience that freedom. They will make the choice of sticking with the norm for security. But you…you took a risk. Ignored any negative comments. And know that there is no limit to your success. I don’t know you very well, but the times I’ve been in your presence, you’ve always been a smiling sweet and kind young woman.” –Jewel Chapple


“Even though I was in pain, I really appreciated this experience with you guys. Your bedside manor is so welcoming and joyful. Hope to stay in touch and I will always remember what you did for me.” –

Kaishall Alfred (Lupus Surivor)


“It is always a pleasure to work with Morgan Pete. One thing about her is her compassion towards others. When modeling, she is always open-minded. It is never about herself, but always about what the photographer, designer, or business owner wants. I sit and watch as these young girls (as well as older ones) look up to and admire Morgan. They admire not just her body, but also her ambitiouslyhumble spirit. She has truly been a blessing to so many girls who may be insecure about their skin, height, or any other flaws. The day I first shot Morgan in the "Yellow Dress” was the day I was able to take my business to a whole other level. That day, and every other shoot after that was a stepping-stone for my business. Morgan is great to work with!”- Mike D Photography


“I never fully thanked you for the amazing camp. You really don’t understand how this made me feel more confident with myself and showed me what I need to work on and master. It was a push I needed; thank you for giving that to me.” –Demmi (A student from the model camp)


“Ever since I met Morgan, I feel like my life has changed. Not only has she coached me and helped me become a better model, but also she helped me build up my confidence and let me know that all things are possible. She is very knowledgeable and knows her ins and outs about the industry. I would recommend anyone to her because from that nothing but great things will come.” –Anonymous


“My daughter, Marissa, got the amazing opportunity to learn from Morgan. Not only is it a wonderful tool, it also provided my daughter with invaluable insight to the modeling world. Morgan is a phenomenal leader and truly puts her heart and soul into helping to guide these young ladies and women.” –Mother of one of my model students


“You’re really an inspiration and your positive mentality really just made me believe that I can do big things despite the obstacles that may come my way. I hope one day, I can do what you do. –Keri Hill (Camp student)


“I’ve been following you forever on Instagram and I’ve literally watched you go after everything you said you wanted.” – D’ebony (Instagram follower)


“You are such an inspiration and role model for me. When I entered the Baton Rouge pageant, I was told that because of my complexion I had no reason to be competing so I gave up, but seeing you and everything you are doing makes me want to work even harder and be just as successful as you.” Bailee